My passion for change 

My immense love for our city has lead to a vision that is set to bring Canberra into a new glory age. For too long people have not known that Canberra is our national capital, nor have people seen the majesty and the power of Australia's best city.


As one of the world's most progressive cities, Canberra is at the forefront of innovation, research, technology, business and government. 

Moreover, how do we pay for all this? The answer is simple; well-planned population growth. Canberra should be looking to the likes of Singapore and Monaco for the inspiration to become a truly global city.

 How I see our city 

I see Canberra as our Nation's beating heart, the centre of the public service, the centre of technology, education and progression. I stand for a fully centralised public service and believe that Canberra should be Australia's highest-paid, lowest-cost, best-serviced, most-innovative, and most liberal jurisdiction. 


I see a huge amount of potential for our small city to grow, develop and progress. My vision and master plan for Canberra between 2020 and 2024 is entailed in my policy document below.

 Policy ideas 

Clicking on the link below will open up the 'Romano 2020-2024 Canberra Masterplan & Vision'. The document details my vision for Canbera.