My Background in Business 

Throughout my life, my family and I have and continue to run and operate businesses in the Canberra Region.


In 1968, my grandmother, Bruna Romano was the first female or ethnic migrant to open a law firm in the ACT, 'Romano & Verduci Lawyers'. When my grandfather Domenic Romano joined the firm a few years later the firm changed its name to 'Romano & Co Barristers and Solicitors', the firm kept this name until 2003 when my father Peter Romano and well known Canberra solicitor Andrew Satsias took over the firm, and it became 'Romano Satsia Kordis Legal'. In 2013, the firm took its current appearance as 'Velocity Conveyancing' and 'Canberra Lawyers' with over six different offices over the Canberra region.


My other grandfather Agostino Luongo pioneered Canberra's first and largest commercial cleaning firm; 'City Group'. Following this business, he chose to pursue a career in property development and management.

For migrants who hardly spoke English, my grandparents worked hard to ensure that we had the best opportunities in life. Such as growing up in a fantastic city and having the chance to represent the people of that city.


I understand the pressures of owning, setting up and running a small/medium business and the stresses that it can entail.


In 2019 I began planning for a deli, cafe and wine bar in Manuka called Italian Brothers, it opened later that year and continues to operate.

 How we can support our businesses 

By lowering taxes, maintaining and enhancing government-owned assets like street furniture and making policy changes, such as reducing paid parking fees and hours, the local Government can positivly support businesses and increase general happiness.

 My businesses 

Although I have established businesses as far back as 2014, my group and its subsidiaries cover various areas. 


The PURE Network has three main subsidiaries; The PURE Group (General Business), The Amici Hospitality Group (Hospitality and Agriculture), and The PURE Charity Group (Charity, Community and Cultural). Legally the group is Amici Group Pty. Ltd. and The PURE Charity Group Ltd. Both are registered businesses in Australia.