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I provide diverse opinions, analysis and practical advice.


I have immense experience providing my services to organisations, individuals and corporations.


I have successfully worked with and advised politicians at every level of Government and from every side of politics, as well as Corporate Chief Executives, Heads of State, Bishops, and Cardinals, and with organisations from as small as one hundred thousand dollars a year, right up to multi-trillion dollar corporations.

My ability to connect and counsel means that I can achieve any goal or task for my clients, no matter if it requires immediate travel or urgent meetings.

I have held audiences with prominent Executives, Senior Ministers, Heads of State, Royalty, and even the Pope. No task is too difficult or complex.

I am known for being able to solve complex issues and fix the problems of others.

I have helped and launched several successful businesses, charities, community groups, and non-profits, and I have helped struggling small businesses increase their revenue and profit dramatically.

I have drafted legislation and complex legal documents.

I have successfully advocated for several thousand workers and volunteers.

I have successfully conducted industrial relations and industrial advocacy on behalf of workers.

I have sat on and advised several boards of Government, industry, cultural organisations, museums, institutions, businesses, and charity.


I have executed exclusive multi-million dollar deals for multi-national corporations.


I have managed or had oversight over a collective AUD $4.4 billion.


I have managed marketing, social media and communications to a reach of over 100 million people.


I have run political campaigns to increased margins and victory.

I have owned and run successful multi-million dollar businesses.

My diverse study and experience in ecclesiology, business, law, hospitality, human interaction, economics, commerce, trade, investment, intelligence, war, emergency, crisis and disaster management, matched with my practical, proven ability to deliver results, mean that I can manage, or find a solution for any issue.

As is my guarantee, if I can't make it happen, I will find someone who can. 

If I can be of service, feel free to get in touch on the contact page.

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